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How to count pages in multiple PDF files on Windows

written in September, 2019. This is a 1 minute read

I needed to know the total number of pages in hundreds of PDFs. Thanks to cpdf - Coherent PDF Command Line Tools I was able to get this done from the Windows...

Migrate Oracle Dump File to SQL Server 2012

written in April, 2019. This is a 3 minute read

It took the life out of me to figure out how to move an Oracle Dump file to Oracle and then to SQL Server. This post just documents the sequence of steps I t...

Migrating MySQL Database to SQL Server 2012

written in December, 2018. This is a 3 minute read

I have a PHP script lying around that uses MySQL database. I want to integrate this system to work with a SQL Server 2012 based database.

Zebronics CCTV Or IP Camera RTSP URL and OpenCV

written in October, 2018. This is a 1 minute read

I bought a Zebronics ZEB-IP1MB18L20M IP Camera a few days ago. I was trying to get it working with OpenCV but couldn’t figure out the URL. To find out the IP...

Exploring ggplot2 with Karthik Ram’s Talk

written in March, 2015. This is a 4 minute read

I have lately been learning a couple of tools for data science. After hearing about ggplot2, I came across Karthik Ram’s talk about Data Visualization with R...

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Probably Not An Alien Megastructure

written in November, 2015. This is a 3 minute read

One way to look for planets in distant solar systems is look at stars long enough to notice if there are any periodic dips in its brightness levels. These di...

Time Capsules in Space

written in August, 2015. This is a 5 minute read

Voyager 1 space probe was launched in 1977 since then it is headed outwards of the solar system. Next year marks 50th aniversary of Voyager launch, it is yet...

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Are my Ads listening to everything I say? No

written in May, 2019. This is a 8 minute read

Rekha sees an airline ad right after a conversation with a friend about her travel plans. Was this result of a deceptive advertising-AI that was listening to...

Thoughts on Cambridge Analytica

written in February, 2018. This is a 3 minute read

Professor Jonathan Albright writes a quick run-down of the scripts found from a personal Github account of a data science intern at Cambridge Analytica (CA h...

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बकरसुरी as Jabberwocky in Hindi

written in May, 2018. This is a 1 minute read

A couple days ago I realized that Jabberwocky hasn’t been translated in Hindi. I think Hindi is a phonetically beautiful language and something like Jabberwo...

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MATLAB Workshop

written in March, 2015. This is a 4 minute read

My department recently helped organize a workshop on image processing using Matlab’s Image Processing and Image Acquisition toolbox. Around 50 students paid ...

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Why does not awful mean full of awe?

written in April, 2018. This is a 4 minute read

Langauges evolve. They grow with people and as their usage, pronunciations, and purpose of words begin to change. A lot of the words have mutliple meanings. ...

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Some less known Cycling Routes Around Udaipur

written in January, 2020. This is a 2 minute read

Udaipur, also called the city of lakes, offers some great escapes away from the bustle of traffic into the lap of aravalis. I share some routes I’ve enjoyed ...

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Playback Analysis of Boomerang Videos

written in January, 2020. This is a less than 1 minute read

Boomerang video is a 1-second video clip that is turned into a GIF playing forward and reverse a couple of times. I was sitting with some friends last year a...

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