Full Stack Development and Operations

Estate Management Systems

Led development of a Web Application Ecosystem currently used by a Fortune 50 Company. It is used to manage a company town of more than 15,000 residents. These web applications are being used to manage Guest Houses, Residential Maintenance Requests, Inventory of Department and all Township Buildings, Quarter Allotment, and Residential Bill Generation. Built with Windows, Apache, SQL Server and PHP Stack using Bootstrap for Frontend

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

I have more than 2 years of experience in managing IVR and Internet Telephony based SaaS Business. My key responsibilities included System Administration and DevOps on a Windows, Apache, SQL, PHP Stack

Creative Technologies

 Kolam Generator

Generative Kolam

Kolam is a traditional drawing that is part of multiple cultures in South East Asia. They can be seen outside of homes on particular occassions and all of these Kolams look different. The Kolam Generator uses symmetry & rules of a Kolam and P5.js to keep making Kolams until you close the tab

Open Kolam Generator

 Know Your MP

Know Your MP

Every 5 years India elects 543 citizens to represent interest of every region of the country. Know Your MP shows state of the nation using multiple maps each showing key personal metrics of our representatives. Built with D3.js

Open Know Your MP

Revese Engineering Firmware

We had an evalauation board from Analog Devices used for low-cost evaluation of ADI components. I wrote an API for this board so that we can gather data collected by it, I collected transferred packets In and Out of the board with USB Sniffer. These traces were then used to make an API for the board. This required learning about the USB3 Spec, LibUSB (C Library) and PyUSB for replaying the traces

One-Line-Drawings Drawbot

A drawing robot with no microcontroller(!) but only two Servo Motors. This was an experimental design to simplify onboard electronics. The Servo Motors can be plugged in to any device with a headphone jack which plays an audio file. The audio contains drawing instructions encoded into two PWM waves – one for each motor

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

 Quality Testing

Machine Vision based LCD/LED Quality Testing

A software toolkit to perform automated visual inspection on displays based on LED or LCD using a camera. We’ve defined multiple tests that can be used to check for soldering issues, dead pixels and uneven contrast/brightness problems right on the assembly line. Built with C#.NET and OpenCV

Desktop and Console Applications



Command Line power tool to search Internet Archive for all media right from the Terminal. Built with Internet Archive API and Python


Hypernormal Typewriter

A command line text editor that promised distraction free research and collaboration tools. It turned out to be a vapourware and never saw the light of the day. Built with curses library and Python

 Command Line Twitter

Terminal Twitter

A terminal client for Twitter that also lets you find interesting users at any city. Built with Python


A simple no-nonsense ERP solution for Public Weighbridges. The application is written in C#.NET with frontend made in WPF and uses an SQLite database

 DB SyncBridge


A background service to push new transactiosn at a Weighbridge to an API. Built with C#.NET



A console application that reads weight from serial communication based WeighBridge Controllers and overwrites it in a file. It adapts to all the string formats used across manufacturers. Built with C#.NET

Design and Typography

 NewsFlash Layout

Layout Design for NewsFlash

I was in-charge of layout and typography for NewsFlash magazine during annual cultural festival at my engineering college

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Layout Design for JMag

Released multiple magazines during my tenure at JMAG over a period of two years

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 Brand for Stelms

Brand Identity for Stelms

Logo, Letterpads, Business Card and other creatives for a friend’s company

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