About this Site

I am an independent engineering consultant with experience in machine vision, new media art and data science. I am open for freelance work, remote positions, consultancy and collaborations. Drop me a line at hello@shailendra.me


  • born in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India in 1994

I find the living standards and the state of Indian metropolitan cities to be horrific. Toxic air, non existent public spaces, ridiculous traffic management, etc. Udaipur doesn’t solve these problem to a great degree but it is a local minima in this hodgepodge.

What I love, in no particular order

  • mountain biking, I have a Giant ATX 2 27.5 that I take on escapades into the Aravali Mountain Ranges
  • running – I was diagnosed with a meniscus rupture in 2012 and an orthopaedic doctor asked me to not run. I try to be kind to my knees.
  • teaching (as a source of new ideas, Mr. Feynman explains it better)
  • yoga
  • books on technology, culture, mathematics, architecture, history and mysticism
  • the German language
  • writing
  • making stuff